Plants and gardening!

Went through all my plants in a little check. Looks like I’m going to lose one rose out of 6, so that isn’t bad (at least it’ll give me a pot to put the sixth one in that I shouldn’t have bought. :P). I’m starting to “wake them up”. They’ll go out on the front porch maybe in March?

Also looks like I’m going to lose my funky looking portulaca that’s in a pot. If it goes, I’ll either find another or put regular portulacas in it. All my other regular hanging plants look good. Really need to get hangers on two of them. I even have the rings for them, just haven’t done it.

Everything else looks good though! Yay! Daffodils that I separated when I found the big bulb while gardening is coming up and a few actually have flower buds already! Hope we don’t get a bad freeze/frost that might kill them. Lavender is still there and I’m hoping it gets big during the summer (it should get part to full sun where it is. Gardenias are, of course, fine. I’ll give them a good trim also after risk of frost (probably late March maybe?). They really need it. Might see if I can make them balls. 😀 Also will massively trim back the stupid boxwood in the front of the house.

Lilacs in their pots (three of them) are looking very good, and 2 already have leaf buds that are green! The other has leaf buds but not open as well as the others. Will likely pull them in if frost, but I’ll see. Might not. Would love to get rid of the boxwood and just put a lilac there instead. (the others might go with us when we eventually move, but they also might be too big by then.).

So, yeah. If anyone is interested in my plant abilities it’s been a big yay this year!!

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