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Covid Sing along time!

Let’s have a little sing along, shall we?

“I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And I thought I knew you”

Oh, wait. That’s a change, isn’t it?

There is nothing like a pandemic to really get people to show their ass, is there? It’s amazing.

Of course, this is Facebook as that’s where everyone wants to show their ass the most. I’m betting if anyone we knew did this face to face with us, we’d walk away and never talk to them again. I’m thinking I’m going to do just that on Facebook. (I’ve already hid a number of people. Won’t delete most because they’re family so…)

People saying they wish “so-and-so” should get covid, or amused that someone got covid… and even that they died from it. But they’ve claimed to be so compassionate.

People judging people for their views and beliefs on things when they’ve talked about being empathetic.

People who are now ALL about something because it affects them now, but before didn’t give a shit to help out a friend/family doing the same thing… AND they’re judging all their friends for not “helping” them.

This is the things I’ve gotten to learn about those I thought I knew. Let’s get into it a little more, shall we?

“I’m going to be amused that someone I don’t agree with on anything anyway got covid and died from it because they were vocal about masks being useless. I’m going to agree with a friend who says they don’t feel as bad as if someone else got covid. I’m then going to post an “empathic” meme to show what a wonderful person I am. Yay.”

Really? What would be your first thought if you saw someone else post that about someone you maybe agreed with or that you didn’t think deserved getting covid or wasn’t overly vocal about masks/illness but maybe didn’t wear one?

Also, the friend’s comment about how it’s sadder when someone who does everything right and still gets it… maybe that’s why said “deserved to get covid” person felt masks weren’t affective? Seeing people who are doing everything they’re “supposed to” still getting this mess? But that’s as far as I’m going on that train of thought.

“I’m going to constantly say we should love everyone no matter what… but not the general people I point out in memes who don’t deserve any love or consideration because I think they’re stupid because they don’t think the same way as I do about things.”

I love it when tolerance preaching people are intolerant. They also don’t get it when you point it out to them that they are being that way, either. Because THEIR intolerance is ok.


Of course, this happens all the time on Facebook but it seems to be surging quite a bit now.

“I’m going to wish covid on a celebrity/politician because they are obviously deserving of it and we’d be better off without them.”

Wow. That’s just… wow. I don’t know that I’ve ever hated someone so much that I wish death on them. I’ve had some good reasons to hate people, too. (abuse of many different kinds, being pushed too far sexually, theft, etc.)

“I’m going to pester everyone with my new small business I started because everything is weird now and I need the income. I’m going to constantly post memes about how important it is to support small business and how good small businesses are for the economy. I’m also going to be upset at those people who don’t help me with my small business and share it… even though some of those people have had a small business for a LONG time and I’ve never helped them by sharing their business.”

Yeah, call me petty but this one REALLY got under my skin because it is a little more personal. Not only did I get tagged in a post for someone selling… well, the same general category of what I’ve been busting my but to make and sell for the past 10 years, said post got shared by other people a LOT and had me running around chasing it to remove myself from every shared post. If it had been someone making their own jewelry I’d be more compassionate. But it’s not. And I’m leaving it there.

Also have unfollowed a few people because that’s all they post now. I get trying to get the word out there but essentially being spammed with it… no thank you. I’m guessing that’s in the “business literature” they get with their small business, too.

And let’s toss a few other “not necessarily covid” hypocrisies in here, shall we?

“I’m going to talk about how people should let their true self shine and praise celebrities for posting pictures without make up and bash the “beauty establishment”… and then I’m going to post a picture of myself that I’ve OBVIOUSLY put a filter that takes away any mark or blemish I have.”

You’re not fooling anyone, sweetheart. We all know you have bags under those eyes, wrinkles at your mouth, and freckles.

“Geez, the world is not going to end if my political candidate wins, y’all are seriously just so dramatic.” *their politician doesn’t win* “OMG, I can’t believe people are so stupid! Everything is ruined now, we’re all going to immediately get covid/warts/scabies/a love of mixing plaid and polka dots because who I thought was going to win didn’t”

Hello Ms. Drama, here’s your llama!

And my last pet peeve which is just a silly thing.

“I read part of your post and asked a question or brought up a solution that was either answered a little later in the post or in the very first comment. I’m then going to get upset when you point that out to me because I’m now embarrassed.”

Yeah. I’m going to just started replying with “Reading comprehension: F” to your comments. Seriously.

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